Destroy common garden weeds

Destroy common garden weeds

Posted by Mitre 10 on 8th May 2016

Weed’em out for a clean, healthy garden

The trouble with unwanted weeds is that their growth generally occurs at the same time as those plants you do want, robbing them of space, light, moisture and nutrients. They’re also a good hiding place for pests and diseases and can make your garden look unattractive.

But weeds mean different things to different people. A daisy growing in a lawn is attractive to some but not to others. It’s the same for clover and other plants including the Lantana camara which is a cultivated plant in Victoria but a noxious weed in NSW and Queensland.

Weeds are generally defined as a plant (any plant) considered out of its rightful place. For example, grass in a lawn is desirable, but it is a weed in a garden bed. And in this MitrePlan, we help you spot and identify those plants that shouldn’t be there, and tell you the best means of controlling them for a cleaner, healthier garden.

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