Care for established lawns

Posted by Mitre 10 on 8th May 2016

Make yours the best lawn in the street

There are few things worse than a thin, patchy lawn. It detracts from the general appearance of your home and won’t stand up to the wear and tear often demanded of it.

But a healthy, well-maintained lawn is a real pleasure and a source of pride, adding real value to your property by providing an attractive setting for your house, trees, shrubs and flowering plants.

A beautiful, lush lawn also helps to keep your home cooler during the hot summer months by reflecting heat away from it. And it is a wonderful playground for the whole family, creating a green “oasis” for sports, barbecues, and other outdoor recreational activities. So it is worth putting a little time and effort in keeping your lawn in good healthy condition by following the simple steps outlined in this MitrePlan.


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