Bit drill multi-purpose 13x150mm sutton

Sutton Tools Multi Purpose Drill bits are suitable for drilling in various materials such as timber, concrete, brick, stainless steel, cast iron, steel and glass. Especially suited for drilling multi laminated construction materials.

Hammer Action: For masonry materials only.*

Rotary Action: For all other materials.

*Drilling masonry materials prior to wood or steel will dull tip reducing the cutting performance.
  • Carbide percussion tip with semi positive profile for aggressive drilling in hard materials
  • Unique brazing process ensures a perfect bond between tip and body
  • The L-profile flute design efficiently extracts concrete, metal and wood particles
  • Parallel shank for rotary or hammer drill applications
  • Tungsten Carbide cutting edges for high wear resistance
Bit drill multi-purpose 13x150mm sutton

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